Saving Arizona Blood Drive


1200 Logo Saving AZWhile Christmas through New Year’s Day marks the lowest week of the year for blood donation turnout, Arizona patients require more transfusions in January than during any other month. Donors of all blood types are needed, especially O-negative, the universal blood that can be used by all other types in emergencies. Appointments are recommended to avoid wait times. Schedule online or call us at 877-25-VITAL.

The “Saving Arizona” blood drive is scheduled in January during National Blood Donor Month to encourage residents to donate immediately following the holiday season – the lowest time of the year for blood donations. Transfusion needs typically escalate this time of year with the increase in hospital surgery schedules after the holidays and the arrival of winter visitors. 

“Your single donation can save several lives because blood can be separated into components,” said Sid Lewis, Sr. Director of Donor Recruitment for the Southwest Division. “In just one hour, you could transform the life of an accident victim, a person undergoing surgery and a child receiving treatment for cancer.”
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