Free Arts & Sciences Workshop: ASU Panel Talk on Water Resources, "DryLab 2023" and art activity

includes a recycled bottle art activity

WATER Exhibition workshop_drylab 2023_ 558 x 345Free Arts & Sciences Workshop:  ASU Panel Talk on Water Resources, DryLab 2023 and hands-on art activity
All ages

11 am - Noon
Join ASU/DRYLAB 2023 artists in the Gallery at TCA for a viewing of their documentary video and discussion session.

Noon - 2 pm
 “Message in a Bottle” hands-on project for all ages. Decorate your own water bottle and learn about ways each of us can conserve water in our everyday lives. 

For more information, visit or (480) 350-2867.

About Drylab 2023
Drylab 2023 is a Science-Art project of Arizona State University. From May 13 until June 10, 2017, eight ASU students, pursuing a mixture of art and sustainability degrees, enacted a very near future in a remote location in the Mojave Desert. During the project the participants were permitted 4 gallons of water per person per day and a water-wise diet (no meat, no dairy, only fruits/vegetables and grains that grow with moderate water in the desert southwest). Within this context of resource scarcity the participants could self-organize how they would govern their limited resources.


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