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Rental Steps

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The Event Process

STEP ONE - Initial Contact
Contact the TCA to check availability of your desired date(s). Availability is limited, so be prepared with alternate dates and a clear sense of the scope of your event and its timeline.  The best opportunity for date availability is by inquiring 12-18 months in advance. If your desired date(s) appears open and your performance or event is compatible with the venue, you may place a 14-day courtesy hold to allow time to investigate all aspects of holding an event at TCA.

STEP TWO - Securing your Date
Once you have decided to move forward with your event date, request an application from the TCA and return it completed within 14 days.

STEP THREE - License Agreement
Once your application is accepted, the TCA will issue a contract/license agreement. Sign and return the contract/license agreement to TCA. Pay the deposit. For performances and events requiring catering services, sign a separate agreement with a TCA approved caterer.

STEP FOUR - Finalize Details
Prior to your performance or event: For ticketed events, fill out and return a Box Office Setup Sheet at least 2 weeks before your desired ticket on-sale date. Confirm the timeline, technical elements and needed equipment with the TCA event manager and production manager at the 30-day walk-through. Confirm desired audience services, food and beverage requirements, and any additional needs. Make final payment on the balance due the TCA no later than 30 days from the first rental date

STEP FIVE - Certificate of Insurance

No less than 30 days prior to your event, provide a minimum $2 million certificate of insurance naming the City of Tempe as additional insured. Please refer to insurance reference document for more information.

STEP SIX - Settlement
A settlement of rental fees and labor and equipment expenses will be completed following your performance or event. This process takes approximately 3 weeks. For ticketed events and performances, the TCA completes a preliminary settlement and withholds all actual expenses from box office receipts. TCA issues a check for net revenue within 20 business days or sends a final invoice requesting the balance due.

Rental Questions? 

Seth Willey
Director of Business Development
(480) 350-2814